A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

🍟Official Site🍟: https://roseverte.net/tako/en/
🍟Kickstarter🍟: https://bit.ly/takofriesks
🍟Press Kit🍟http://bit.ly/takofriespress

"Takorita Meets Fries" is the newest game from Roseverte, which is telling about love for fries. The game is short and voiceless, but full with fun animated characters (especially the merman "Mer", since he can't speak while he's on the land, most of his reaction would be animated body language). It's not an otome game but there are scenes with a bit BL-ish, Yuri-ish, or romance nuance. The game hopefully will be released around Autumn-Winter 2020.

The game is made using Unity3D and Utage VN assets. You can change the language between Japanese and English from the Options menu, and Game Pad is supported for Win and Linux (sorry but coding the game pad on Mac is too confusing so I skip that!)

In Tako Kingdom, deep under the sea, soup is an everyday, common meal.     

Princess Takorita is deeply dissatisfied with this food culture and demands a new dish which can spice up her life.
She decides to go up to the land together with the merman "Mer" as her guard.     

On the land, Princess Takorita meets the humans Dino and Ina.
The culture differences greatly surprise the princess.     

Then, finally, she has her fated encounter with the "french fries".🍟🍟🍟     

...Is that all?     
No, that's not all! French fries might look simple, but there's more to it.     

Princess Takorita continues her adventure to make the fries more and more tasty!     

Her journey is far from over.
Even finding her long-lost grandfather is only a small part of her adventure. 

and more!

All of the characters would have more animations, such as surprised, writing, or eating. Especially the merman "Mer" will speak mostly using the body language. 🤣

There are no choices until Chapter 1. At the end of Chapter 2, the choices to define the story branch will appear.   

There's no stat-raising, either, and the choices will simply lead you to a different story. 
 A special epilogue will be unlocked after you finish all the available routes. 

All interface would be animated as well, this is the sample for the in game or options menu.

Plan, Graphics and Scenario: Chu-3
Editor: Callista

BGM: MusMus (http://musmus.main.jp/)
SFX: On-Jin (https://on-jin.com/)

Guest Voice Actor: Ganimata (https://twitter.com/unknown_dogs)
Guest Character Design (Maid): N0va

Download demo

takofries-win-demo.zip 45 MB
Version 4
takofries-mac-demo.zip 45 MB
Version 4
takofries-linux-demo.zip 47 MB
Version 4

Development log


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This was a cute little demo that suggests that the final game will be pretty funny!  Good job!

Thank you!

OMG Hilarious. And thank you for the excuse to eat delicious french fries!


Thank you very much again for the LP!

i loved it!