Ver 2 update!

How to Take Off Your Mask main game on has been updated to v2.0, which includes the new features as below:

The Changes

1. Button’s Sound Effect

Many people told me that HTTOYM Button sounds is very loud and bothering, which I assume happened because of the high frequency of the sound. This has been fixed in HTFALK, and the same changes will be applied to HTTOYM.

2. GUI

HTTOYM GUI will be updated with HTFALK GUI design, and make the quick save/load features enabled.

The GUI until now:

The new GUI:

Beside the Menu button at the bottom part of the text box, you can also access the menu using the right click button.

ATTENTION: This fix will be applied automatically if you start a new game, but you won’t see this gui fix immediately if you’re using an old save data. To use this fix with an old save data, please finish a chapter, choose to not continue the story, return back to the Title Screen (Don’t simple return to the chapter selection, since this fix is applied inside the title screen’s code), then go to start and choose the next chapter you’re going to continue with (without using the load menu).

3. New Shortcut Keys

You can now also use the A key for Auto Forward, P for Skip (old: only Ctrl for force skipping all text, and skip button inside menu), and Esc for Menu.

4. Right click menu is now enabled during the choice.

In the old version, enabling a right click menu during the choices will cause bigger issue, but somehow I found a workaround to solve this. Now you can access the menu easily by using right click (old version is menu button only) and also you can choose to use quick save to save the game easier.

Thank you for keep supporting the project :)


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Mar 04, 2018
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Mar 05, 2018

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