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The mystery tragedy visual novel, "CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~" returns as a remastered version!


  • Major graphics update! All backgrounds are redrawn, and all CGs are remastered. Sprites are also remastered with some color adjustment.
  • Interfaces are renewed, make it easier to access.
  • Day Selection feature is added to start the game from the chapter you want.
  • Controller is now supported.
  • Full HD resolution.
  • Lip movements and blinking eyes are now added to the characters.


The Present

The story starts in a village with an atmosphere akin to Europe in the 19th century.

There is a big noble villa there where Corliss Green is working.

One day she wakes up and finds herself in front of a weird café.

Noir, the waiter, tells her that she has already died, but failed to go to the heaven and, as a lost spirit, she ended up at the entrance to Café 0.

He later gave Corliss a chance to return to a week before she died.

But does she really need to go to the heaven?

And what is the truth behind her untimely death?

The Past

Sophie Evans works as a midwife.

She is a cheerful woman and everybody likes her.

What is her relation to the missing incident 15 years ago?


Corliss - Ayano
Nathan - Mayuki Sawae
Ethan - Tarou Yamada
Barclay - Nyoibou 
Noir - Shinya
Sophie - Aonoi
Ed - Kyou Tsukikage
Eva/Emma - Remi Tamaki
MOB - Aonoi, Ayano, Kon, Kouto Saionji, Shiwasun, Komugi Tachibana, Hiko Morikawa, Nyoibou


Music: Souichi Sakagami(Trial & Error)
Lyrics: kikyow
Vocal: ming-zi


Simply choose the choice which shows heart in the same color on day 2 and 3 to get into the character's specific route. True route will be available later after all character's routes finished.


11 original orchestral soundtrack from Seycara Orchestra.

Download demo

cafe-0-the-sleeping-beast-remastered-linux-demo.zip 254 MB
Version 11
cafe-0-the-sleeping-beast-remastered-mac-demo.zip 213 MB
Version 11
cafe-0-the-sleeping-beast-remastered-win-demo.zip 203 MB
Version 11

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